Our Principles

Integrity — Confidentiality — Effectiveness

The Firm

Paraschis – Erdas & Associates is a boutique law firm, established in Athens, Greece.

Our expertise extends across a wide range of practice areas, aiming to meet higher standards and offer high quality of legal services.  Our clients range from large companies to private companies and individuals. The quality of our work is acknowledged and recognised by clients, who often recurrently seek our advice and support.

Our firm was built on the belief that the best way to serve you is to be in tune with your worldview, aligned with your opportunity and face your challenge.

Battle Tested

At Paraschis-Erdas and Associates you will find really committed people who are battle tested and professionals.

Our culture is to constantly challenge ourselves in order to successfully respond to your diverge needs.

We are strongly involved in litigation practice and dispute resolution.

From the outset of the case through its conclusion, we draw up a personalized strategy, taking into account your needs, all aspects of the matter involved and opposition’s weaknesses.

Approaching to the trial battle, we are ready and confident that we have enough to win.

Practice Areas

1 Civil Law

2 Criminal Law

3 White Collar Crimes

4 Commercial Law

5 Corporate Law

6 Contracts

7 Torts

8 Mandatory Execution Law

9 Cadastre

10 Litigation

11 Property Administration

12 Public Law

13 European Law

14 International Trade Law