Christos Erdas

Litigation attorney


Christos hails from Patras. With a strong academic background, Christos holds his law degree (LLB) and a Master of Laws (LLM), focused in Money Laundering and Tax Evasion, from the University of Essex.

Since his admission as a lawyer he has worked predominantly, gaining considerable experience, in the areas of Criminal Law, White Collar Crimes, Torts and Commercial Law.

Christos is a highly skilled litigation attorney. In his practice, he has represented a wealth of individuals in complex legal cases. He was part of the legal team that represented witnesses in a complex investigation with United States agencies, including the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commision (the so-called “Novartis Scandal”).

He takes the time to consider and fully understand your matters before providing you with an honest and direct assessment of your case. He is thorough and detailed in his preparation to identify and clarify the factual and legal issues arising in each case. He explores all possible avenues vital for a defence or sympathetic understanding of your case.With every client’s case, Christos is committed to achieving the most favorable outcome in the circumstances.

Christos is also a holder of a bachelor of Politics (B.Sc.) from the National University of Athens.

Languages: Greek, English and French.